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Association Knowledge
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Industry Understanding
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Personal Awareness
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Giving You the Knowledge to Thrive in Association Management
Chief staff executives and association professionals must continually build new skills, knowledge and understanding through systematic professional development to stay effective and relevant.
This Self-Assessment has been developed to gauge your aptitude in key areas of association management. It creates a pathway for association professionals to master challenges in the areas of:
- Association Knowledge (gaining expertise in all aspects of association management)
- Industry Understanding (understanding the importance of the industry, profession or cause your association represents)
- Personal Awareness (honing in on your leadership abilities and character)

The self-assessment subdivides these categories to assess your Knowledge, Relationships and Perspectives.  Following the completion of each short segment, you’ll be provided your results and suggested resources to expand your knowledge base.  This is not a timed or scored quiz.  There are no right or wrong answers.
1.  Click Subscribe to Group  in the blue box on the right of the screen.
2.  Start in the area of your choice.  Each of the three links below takes you to one of the assessment segments.
3.  After clicking on the segment link, click Start Lesson.
4. The segment topic is listed on the left, followed by 3 statements.
      - If you agree with the first statement, rank yourself 4 or 5 depending on your level
        of agreement.
      - If you agree with the second, rank yourself 2 or 3.
      - If you agree with the third, rank yourself a 1 or 0.
5.  When you've completed this segment, click Finish.
6.  You'll see links to suggested resources to help strengthen your knowledge of topic.
7.  To find your results again after you're logged off, click the faded profile box at the top of the  home page next to your welcome
        message.  Then choose My Results.
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