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This Section Contains On-Demand Comprehensive Training.

Association Connection
A series of 18 segments that provide the appropriate context to understand the environment for working, making decisions and creating relationships in the unique culture of associations.

Additionally, ten CAE application hours may be applied to your CAE application/recertification by completing Segments 1 – 17. 
If you’re utilizing Association Connection for this purpose, please contact  the MSAE Office at info@msae.org or 517.332.6723, after you've taken the quiz to obtain your certificate of completion.

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Association Connection Segment 6: How Decisions Get Made in Associations

Explores the various paths of association decision-making. The paths described address the unpredictable process of decision making that occurs inside associations. This inefficient process causes frustration for people who just want to get something done. 

Segment Length: 25 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 7: Wearing Many Hats

Offers solutions to time management, project management, and how to manage multiple bosses. This segment offers practical solutions to those who wear many hats. Handouts required for this course.

Segment Length: 20 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 8: Professional Relationships with Members

Sheds light on special needs of members, including dealing with difficult people and multi-cultural etiquette.

Segment Length: 26 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 9: Professional Relationships with Co-workers

Focuses on how to create positive relationships among co-workers in an association environment. What activity maintains a sense of team. The webcase includes tips on chairing and participating in internal task forces. 

Segment Length: 27 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 10: Communication Tips

Segment 10 offers practical tips around various communication methods, including telephone, face-to-face, and written communcation as well as email etiquette. 

Segment Length: 46 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 11: Be Direct with Respect

Addresses how to be direct with people but not offend them. This critical practice in communication will reduce tension and baggage that develops in relationships when there is unexpressed frustration in a relationship. The content applies to both professional and personal relationships. 

Segment Length: 55 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 12: Board Roles & Responsibilities

Intended for baord members. This course defines the act of governing, how boards need to fulfill its governing function, and the basic legal duties that board members must fulfill under the scope of fiduciary duty. 

Segment Length: 55 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 13: Board-CEO Relationships

Intended for board members. This presentation looks at the board's multi-faceted relationship with the CEO and offers tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Segment Length: 49 Minutes

Association Connection Segment 14: Basic Meeting Planning

Intended for people new to meeting planning for associations. The presentation includes what members look for in association-sponsored meetings, who can help you plan for a successful meeting, and meeting room setups.

Segment Length: 30 Minutes

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Association Connection Segment 15: Budgeting for a Meeting or Event

Focuses on how to determine what to charge for your meeting in relation to expenses. This webcast includes discussion about fixed and variable costs and walks through mathematical calculations to arrive at a breakeven fee for your meeting. Requires work sheet. 

Segment Length: 34 Minutes


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